Our Services

About your consultation

Consultations are carried out remotely; via Skype, email or telephone. If you live in the Toulouse/Ariege area I can offer face to face consultations. (We can discuss this further in terms of travel times).

Having made your initial inquiry I will ask you to complete a questionnaire so I can obtain some background information. This will be coupled with either a 5 day food diary or a 5 day food and symptom diary (for suspected allergies or intolerances). 

This information will be treated confidentially and allow me to make a proper assessment of your current intake and highlight areas where dietary interventions are suggested. It is vital that you provide me with the most accurate information possible, as I can only work on the information that you give me.

The original questionnaire and food diary needs to be emailed back to me 2 DAYS prior to our consultation to enable me to make an initial assessment. 

This information will form the starting point about which I will base our consultation. I may well ask further questions or seek clarification about certain areas. Combining all this information will thus enable me to offer you specific advice and help us to develop a plan. Having discussed everything verbally and once all parties are happy with the outcome I will then provide a written report. This will summarise the key points discussed and list any advice given/goals set etc. The report will be emailed to you 24 hours after our consultation.

A note about prices

All the prices quoted are based on those recommended by the BDA Freelance dietitians group and take into account time spent both before and after consultations; gathering and interpreting information, researching and producing advice for each individual.


Any information that you provide me will be treated in the strictest confidence.

As of May 2018 new European-wide regulations have come into force regarding data protection known as the General Data Protection Register (GDPR).

 A separate section on Consent and Privacy Policy have been created and can be found elsewhere on the website under the heading Privacy Policy.